Different types of Nouns

What are the different types of Nouns?

Nouns in English are broadly classified into 8 types

  1. Common Noun – the name given in common to every place, thing or person belonging to the same class or kind, like a boy, girl, teacher, doctor, country, etc.

  2. Proper Noun – the name given to a particular person or a place, such as Rita, Ria, Russia, Rome, etc.

  3. Collective Nouns – a name used for a group of people, animals, or things. Example, cattle, family, herd, team, etc.

  4. Concrete Nouns – are the names used for the things that have physical existence and we can see, such as a table, chair, mobile phones, etc.

  5. Abstract Nouns – are the exact opposite of concrete nouns. These are the names given to an idea, conditions, or quality. Basically, the name is used to refer to something that cannot be seen but is there, it does not exist physically. For example, truth, patriotism, sorrow, friendship, etc.

  6. Material Nouns – these are the names used to refer to substances, materials or things that are made up of an alloy. Examples, silver, gold, metal, cotton, etc.

  7. Countable Nouns – that can be counted like one pen, two ladies, one chair, etc. These nouns take articles (a, an, the) with them. Candidates can check on the linked page for conceptual knowledge on the same.

  8. Uncountable Nouns – the nouns that cannot be counted. For example, water, soil, sugar, salt, etc. Abstract nouns and Proper Noun are always uncountable while Common and Concrete nouns can be both countable and well as uncountable nouns.

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